Industrial Vertical Boiler | Fuel Oil Gas Diesel LPG‎

Industrial Vertical Boiler | Fuel Oil Gas Diesel LPG‎

Industrial Vertical Boiler | Fuel Oil Gas Diesel LPG

jual steam boiler 750kg

jual steam boiler 750kg


Once through structure steam evaporator is developed with vertical water tubes, which gives the upsides of reduced structure, high warm effectiveness, short establishment cycle and low foundation speculations. The boilers are outfitted with full programmed controllers on temperature, weight and water level, and so on to guarantee most astounding security and dependability.


This once through steam kettle is broadly utilized for little steam warming framework, for example, warming, forming, drying, eatery, swimming pool, and so on.

Preferred standpoint

1. Once through structure, propelled level in residential and worldwide.

2. Following 4 or 5 minutes start, it can get enough compelled steam.

3. Naturally control burning, steam weight and water level, guarantee sheltered and prudent activity.

4. Ignition gas streaming among conductor bunch at a rapid that guarantees top notch warm convection and exchange and high impact warm assimilation.

5. Calm task and stable ignition, totally agreeing with natural security standard.

6. Idealize kettle body structure guarantees top notch warming assimilation and high ignition productivity up to 92% – 96%.

7. High innovation, high caliber, completely programmed CO2 welding, parts institutionalization and quality confirmation.

8. View at the same time different boilers task in screen see, record downtime, area, dissipation limit, fuel utilization, water, steam weight, water temperature, deplete temperature, feed water temperature , and so forth. It can print the day by day report and month to month report.

9. Preheater utilizes consistent steel pipe, experiences sand impacting and hot-plunge arousing treatment and draws out administration life

IDM Boiler Co. Ltd. is a cutting edge endeavor and the spine undertaking of national kettle producing, it is mechanical advancement based venture in household heater industry, and the biggest innovative work base of low speed flowing fluidized bed evaporator in indonesia. The organization possess Grade A Boiler fabricating permit, class-I and class – II weight vessel make permit, and the primary level of heater establishment permit, likewise, the organization passes ISO 9001 global quality framework accreditation.

The organization is situated in Soekarno Hatta Airport Economy Zone, it covers a zone of 134,000㎡ and the development territory is 106,000㎡. In excess of 800 representatives are working here, including 110 building specialists, and 12 of them are sensor engineers. It is astounding prepared, there are in excess of 700 noteworthy generation machines, which incorporate 2 substantial arrangements of creation line with 12 end stomach divider made in Japan Sonic, Serpentine welding, break location, drinking spree pipe generation, expansive scale 60mm CNC twisting machine, 1600mm lines tube bowing machine, creation line with 48m long CNC programmed welding task machine, and 30mm CNC cutting machine.

“Improvement originates from the trend setting innovation, and advantage originates from development administration”. Innovation advancement and administration development are two qualities of the organization.

IDM Boiler is furnished with cutting edge CAD workstation, and set up CAD/CAPP/PDM coordinated data arrangement of PC helped configuration, process plan and outline administration on heater items. In the innovation focus, there are 6 architects moved on from ITB University, and 20 moved on from University of bandung ITB Institute of Technology and different popular colleges, these abilities have extraordinary development limits on innovation.

IDM Boiler focuses on the development of high-method ecological assurance and vitality sparing kettle, exploits colleges’ logical research, frames an innovation advancement framework – showcase arranged, item connected and the mix of creation, instructing and examine. A progression of cutting edge boilers are created helpfully, and they are drawing nearer to the market quickly.

Innovative AND PATENT

“Science and innovation first ” is the organization’s business rationality, science and innovation development is the organization’s first major characteristic.IDM Boiler is furnished with cutting edge CAD workstation, and set up CAD/CAPP/PDM incorporated data arrangement of PC helped configuration, process outline and plan administration on kettle items. In the innovation focus, there are 6 planners moved on from bandung ITB Institute, and 20 moved on from University of Bandung for Science and Technology, ITS Institute of Technology and different well known colleges, these gifts have awesome development limits on innovation.

Worldwide Business

IDM Boiler dependably focus on the heater quality and benefit, and has won the trust and support of clients everywhere throughout the world. We have set up in excess of 30 deals and after deal benefit workplaces in Indonesia , and offer 24 hours online administration. The modern boilers and weight vessels have been sent out to in excess of 60 countries,Nexs time including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, UAE, Tajikistan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Peru.

Heater Customization

IDM Boiler claims a develop R&D and configuration group, and participates with various logical research organizations for quite a while, Bandung ITS University. IDM Boiler could redo the heater in light of the necessity of clients, water quality and fuel attributes, to meet the working prerequisite and greatest the boilers’ viability. The alter parts could be grind, burner, heater, air pre-radiator, water treatment hardware, dust evacuation gadget, electric control bureau, variable recurrence engine, economizer, kettle shading, and so on.

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